Our domaine

A family affair

Cassagnau has been a family-owned property since the eighteenth century but it owes its longevity to the women of that family.

My grandmother Berthe, who managed it for six decades, took it through two world wars and many viticultural crises. I inherited it from my mother, Jacqueline. I wasn’t destined to be a winemaker, but my wife Colette understood my attachment to Cassagnau, which has been a part of our family for so long. Without her, I would never have continued this amazing adventure.

The property and vineyards that were so dear to my ancestors are still what keeps our family together. Despite the passing of time and our different career choices, we have always gathered here, and not one of us, young or old would miss the family party at harvest time!

Jacques Abet : doctor by profession, winemaker by passion




Vines & wines

The geographical situation of the Languedoc and the Atlantic climate are the defining influences when it comes to explaining the excellence and uniqueness of this terroir. Here in the Limoux region, by an almost magical stroke of luck, two climates come together: the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. The Mediterranean influences make for generous wines, with the sunshine providing ripeness, while the westerly influence maintains the humidity and freshness that is necessary for the fruit to express itself fully. Rounding out the picture is the diversity of the soils: gravel terraces with large round pebbles predominate on the low slopes hidden in the foothills of Pyrenees.

All the time that I was renovating the estate, this diversity of terroirs fascinated me, as did matching them to different grape varieties. I gave pride of place to the Mediterranean varieties, Syrah and Grenache, and complemented them with the native Atlantic varieties, Merlot and Cabernet, more typical of Bordeaux. I also introduced the classic Burgundy grapes, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, not forgetting the time-honoured local varieties, Mauzac and Chenin Blanc.




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