le Rosé de Cassagnau

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This light and airy, pale-pink Rosé wine is a blend of three grapes: Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon with a hint of Cot, all three patiently tended to obtain rich, perfectly ripened fruit.

These superb grapes are carefully harvested in the cool hours of the morning and vatted for just a few hours before being “bled” to extract must with only the slightest tinge of pink. Carefully fermented at a temperature of around 17° C and aged in the vat on the fine lees, the wine is bottled early to preserve its full freshness and vibrancy. The Rosé of Cassagnau exudes its Mediterranean origins – the chirping of the cicada, the warm, southerly Autun breeze and the generous Languedoc sunshine.

Tasting Note

I designed this wine with a summer evening in mind: feminine, light and airy, to be enjoyed chilled in perfect privacy beneath a shady arbour. Its pale rose-pink hue is reflected in its floral bouquet with hints of citrus fruit and spices. The palate has the typical freshness of Cabernet and a delicate mouthfeel highlighted by invigorating minerality!

“Go for the simple pleasures in life and share this wine with friends as a summer aperitif. Serve it on a crisp white tablecloth accompanied by green olives – you need nothing else!  Enjoy!


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